Join May 15, 2023 Cohort

The Habit Coach Professionals Level 1 Mentorship

Are you ready to level up your coaching practice?

If so, it's time to join the exclusive group of Certified Habit Coach Professionals!

We don't like to brag, but we do want to let you know that you're in for one of the most valuable learning experiences you've ever invested in!

Coaches who complete our program give it a 9.29 rating out of 10, compared to all other online courses and certifications they have taken!

We also have an 81% completion rate! (Most online courses have less than a 30% completion rate!!)

So here's what you'll get when you invest in The Habit Coach Professionals Level 1 Mentorship Program:

  • One-on-one coaching and feedback from our in-house SuperTeam of Certified Habit Coach Professionals.
  • Insightful daily conversations in our Community Hub with your peers, our in-house coaches, and the HCP Co-Founders.
  • Four 75-minute live video discussion calls with our world class instructors and the HCP Co-Founders.
  • Engaging, science-backed, interactive, bite-sized lessons (15-20 min daily) – No more boring 2-hour videos or long tiresome readings. 
  • Lifetime access to our Exclusive Certified Habit Coach Professionals Community for ongoing educational and networking opportunities.
  • Learn the scientific theory behind why we do what we do.
  • Start applying behavior change strategies in your coaching practice immediately.
  • Turn client struggles into sustainable and consistent client wins!
  • Get 3 Specific Tools - Habit Coach Canvas, Behavioral Assessment, and Habit Coach Compass - which will help you diagnose, create, and execute lasting behavior change with your clients.
  • Be able to use these tools IRL and virtually.
  • Become a Certified Habit Coach Professional Level 1!

Your monetary investment for this amazing invaluable experience is only $975 USD paid in full. (P.S. The price is going up $100 USD for the next cohort!)

So what are you waiting for?! As we tell our clients, there's no better time to take action than right now! So get to it! It's time to become a part of the #HabitCoachRevolution!

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